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NBA 2K20 – How to Collect More Cards

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How to Collect More Cards

Collecting cards will help you assemble the best possible lineup. My NBA 2k19 is generous enough to give you freebies every time you log in for the day. There are other ways for you to earn more cards, though. The first one is to simply play more matches. You will be given the option to pick on ore more cards from a draft board at the end of each match. Naturally, you get to pick more cards if you won. Every time you get a card from the draft board, there will be fewer cards to choose from. The board will reset once you draw a Rare card. The game will also ask you if you want to watch a video advertisement in exchange for four more picks. Make sure you always accept this offer.



Another way to get more cards is to claim your free card packs from the store. You can claim one every four hours, so make sure you do so diligently. The free card packs will not stack, so that means you miss out on free cards when you forget to pop into the store every four hours. You may want to set a notification for it to ensure you remember.



The third option for gaining more cards is by completing your Daily Training goals. Just tap on the star icon next to your player name to view the list of tasks you need to accomplish. Completing your goals will reward you with tickets. These, in turn, can be traded for cards. Make sure you take time to complete your daily goals in order to collect as many of these tickets as possible.


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