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Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord – Loyalty & Security



Loyalty is decreased by assigning a Governor of a different “culture.” That means that if your city is originally Sturgian and your Governor is from Vlandia, you’ll get a -2 modifier to Loyalty. As of version 1.1, I do not recommend assigning a Governor to a city. Companions are best used as Caravan or Party leaders.


The Hunting Rights, Citizenship, and Debasement of the Currency policies will decrease Loyalty, but the Citizenship policy can increase Loyalty if the settlement has the same culture as the owner. Food shortages will also decrease Loyalty. Now, the most straightforward way to increase Loyalty is to build the Fairgrounds project. It will increase Loyalty by 1, 2, and 4. The first building tier increases Loyalty by 1, and it will increase gradually up to 4 in its tier 3 form. You can also activate the Festival and Games default project to increase Loyalty.


Having high security will increase Loyalty, and of course, having a Governor of the same culture. One other thing that can increase or decrease Loyalty is “Issues”; this refers to the notables in the cities; if they have an active quest for you, it will count as an issue and decrease Loyalty, but you will get a +1 if you complete the quests.




Having a high-Security value will increase your relationship with the notables in the city every day. This one is usually straightforward to maintain high; the only thing that can decrease security is having a small Garrison and “Issues” with the “Army of Poachers” quest.


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