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Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord – How to Do Basic Trading


How to Do Basic Trading

Visiting more than one city, and having some points in Trade allows you to learn Trade Rumors, which can be learned by hovering over trade goods in markets. You will find something cheap in one city, and the rumor tells you that it can be sold for much more in another city. If the difference is big, then it’s potential profit.


If you have the money and inventory space, buy some of the cheap goods. Make sure you don’t buy too much because buying a lot makes buying prices go up, the same as selling a lot, which makes selling prices drop (typical supply and demand economy). Now you have your goods, and you know your destination, start immediately traveling towards the other city where rumors said your goods will be sold for a better price. Don’t let anything distract you, and avoid bandits on the way. You are alone, and on horse, so you are faster than anything else that moves on the map.


Once in the desired destination, look at selling prices, it might be a little less than the promised price, because some suppliers might have come before you and sold some. That’s fine, as long as there is still a profit and that’s why we pick up only goods with major difference in prices in the first place. Now sell your goods, and grow your funds.


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