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Metro: Exodus – Tips & Tricks for Beginners

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Tips & Tricks for Beginners

We have prepared an extensive guide focusing on starting tips for Metro Exodus. Check it to learn the most important information and tips for the game. Here are a few of the tips:


  • Usually, running away is better than fighting.


  • Aim at heads.


  • You can decide about some of your companions’ fates.


  • Watch out for karma points.


  • The air gun is great for weaker enemies.


  • Clean your weapon on a regular basis, and refill supplies.


  • Complete side quests.


  • Change the time accordingly to your current mission.


  • You can’t re-visit locations you have already visited.


  • Don’t be in a hurry during fights.


  • Explore the world.


  • Collect resources.


  • You can replay chapters in the main menu.


  • Grenades and Molotov cocktails aren’t very efficient.


  • Use sniper rifles in open areas.


  • Explore the train and listen to the radio.


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