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LEGO® DC Super-Villains – Oa No! – Free Play Mode Walkthrough

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Oa No! – Free Play Mode Walkthrough

Area 1: Red Power Brick: Head left from your starting point, then use detective mode to reveal a grapple point. Use it to call in a ship. Destroy the silver hatch on the box to reveal this.


Canister 1: Shoot 4 TV-like structures with Power Ring’s image on them. The first is floating in the air to the right of your crashed ship. The second is by the bridge you use telekinesis on. The third is floating in the air by the room with the Green Lantern you mind control. The fourth is to the right of the exit.


Canister 2: Destroy the silver panel in the room where you gain electricity powers to reveal a fuse box. Enter it and hit the switch at the end to lower the shield around this.


Picture Perfect: After riding the lift up, destroy the objects behind you to reveal this.


Canister 3: After riding up the lift, dig up some LEGO pieces, then build them into a button. Step on it to reveal a platform. Hop on it to reveal another platform, and so on and so on. Continue hopping across the platforms to reach this.


Character Token: While using mind control on the Green Lantern, pull the lever to reveal LEGO pieces on another platform. Build them into a beam deflection panel, then use it to deflect the laser into the node on the large green box, revealing this.


Canister 4: Follow the trail that starts to the right of the exit to reveal LEGO pieces. Use telekinesis to place them on the Lantern symbol, revealing this.


Area 2: Canister 5: Destroy the two silver objects in the room to reveal buttons. Quickly press them to raise up some poles, then swing across all of them to reveal this in the center of the room.


Token Character: Simon Baz (10,000)
Red Power Brick Extra: Combat Confetti (100,000)


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