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Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Cheats

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Dalentarth Lorestones Locations

Lorestone Location #1

The first Lorestone is located on the first map after the fight with the Rock Troll. It’s a pretty easy one, can’t really miss it. After you speak with the Fateweaver Agarth, after the cut-scene with the fate ability introduction, head East and follow the road. You’ll see the glowing stone on the edge of the path straight ahead.



Lorestone Location #2

The second Lorestone is located directly East of the Northern exit of Gorhart. Next to the dungeon entrance for the side quest, another easy one you can’t really miss.



Lorestone Location #3

This one is located inside the dungeon Agnur Farhal. It’s the first major North part on the map, someways past the entrance to the South East. The dungeon is located just outside Gorhart, near the previous Lorestone.



Lorestone Location #4

The fourth stone is located North East of the Agnur Farhal dungeon. Exit the Dungeon and follow the wall to your East, North until an Eastern path appears. The Lorestone is located a short travel along the path, on your right as you head down.



Lorestone Location #5

This one is located in the far North Western part of the map, just outside the entrance to Waterhall down.



Lorestone Location #5 You need to find all 5 inside Gorguath to get the Lorestone bonus.

You can find this Lorestone during the Side Quest Building Bridges. It’s located north out of town, follow the path until you reach the jump point. Take the West turn there and you’ll see it near the edge, next to the jump point.



Lorestone Location #6

The sixth Lorestone in Dalentarth can be found inside the dungeon used for the starting faction quest for the House of Ballads, just inside the entrance to the dungeon Gorguath.



Lorestone Location #7

This one is also located in Gorguath, in the far South-Eastern room.



Lorestone Location #8

The fourth Lorestone located in Gorguath. This one is at the end of the Dungeon after you defeat the boss.



Lorestone Location #9

To get the final Lorestone in Gorguath you need to have high enough Detect Hidden to detect the hidden door.



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