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Imperator: Rome – Useful Cheat Codes

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Useful Cheat Codes

Press the tilde (~) key while playing the game to bring up the console.



cash [amount] – Adds specified amount of gold (Extra Money).

power [amount] – Gives 3 effects of +1000 to civic power, oratory and religious.

mil [amount] – Get military power points (if not specified, gives 999)

adm [amount] – Get administrative power points (if not specified, gives 999)

dip [amount] – Get diplomatic power points (if not specified, gives 999).

manpower [amount] – Add specified amount of Manpower – Extra manpower (in thousands).

conquer [province] – Colonizes the specified city.

control [province] – Occupies specified city.

instant_war – the delay between declarations of war on/off.

forcepeace – Instantly ends current wars.

fow – Toggles fog of war on/off.

yesman – Toggle AI diplomatic responses (on: always accept; off: normal response).

kill [id] – Kills target.

legitimacy [amount] – Sets the legitimacy of the current ruler.

make_child [mother] [father] – Spawns a child for the specified parents.

marry [Character ID 1] [Character ID 2 ] – two characters are getting married.

prestige [amount] – Adds prestige. Gives 5 prestige if no amount is given.

set_age [Character ID] [amount] – Changes the age of the specified character by the specified number.



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