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Grand Tactician – The Civil War (1861-1865) – Order Delays


Order Delays

In-Grand Tactician, orders need to be prepared by HQs, then delivered to the subordinate units, preparing themselves and carrying out the orders. All this takes time, which is called Order Delay.


The Delay depends on the used communication method, distance, commanders’ Initiative rating, order type, and the number of units the order is given to. For example, when you order a Corps to move as a unit to a new position, the movement order is first prepared by the Army HQ; once the written order is ready, it is carried by a courier (a messenger: or a staff officer on a fast horse) to the Corps HQ. Upon receiving the order, the order is read, and orders to Division commanders are written. Then these orders are delivered to Division HQs, which in turn prepare and distribute orders to the Brigades. Once the order has flown through the Chain of Command, the Corps is ready and moving out.


You can see and hear the ordering progress. The Command-and-Control information, the Command lines (1) turn into animated arrows when an order is on the way. The arrows stop moving when the order has been received but not yet executed. You can see the couriers riding and hear bugles playing the signals. When a. unit is selected, it’s shown in Panel (2) if Order Delay is active. The HQs prepare one order at a time. In the previous example, if instead of ordering the whole Corps to move, you order each of the individual Divisions to move independently, the orders are prepared in the Corps HQ to search Division separately and sent one after the other. This will result in further Delays.


When units are close to one another, Order Delays will be shorter. Also, many orders can be delivered using Bugle Signals, which will be carried out even faster. It’s a good idea to keep your forces and organizations concentrated.


Couriers in the game cannot be killed or intercepted. Feuds may cause very long Order Delays, as an unhappy officer may intentionally delay carrying out orders he received from a commander he disagrees with.


Order Delays are enabled in the Garine Options, and the setting cannot be changed during a battle.


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