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Gran Turismo 7 Beginner’s Guide: Top 5 Tips for Amateur Racers

Gran Turismo 7 Beginner's Guide: Top 5 Tips for Amateur Racers

Few racing games can hope to match the quality and dedication to realism that the Gran Turismo series provides its fans. Each Gran Turismo game sets the bar for what a racing simulation game should be, and the newest title, Gran Turismo 7, is no different. This PlayStation exclusive title serves as a reinvigoration of the series, after almost 10 years without a mainline Gran Turismo game. If its aim is to reclaim the racing sim crown, it will likely do that, having topped sales charts since its release on March 4th.


Fans of the 25-year-old series have a lot to be excited about, but that doesn’t mean potential new fans need to miss out on the excitement. If you’ve never played a Gran Turismo game before, this Gran Turismo 7 Beginner’s Guide will have some tips to get you on the road and help you understand why people love the Gran Turismo series. If you’re ready to go, buckle up, and let’s get started!



  1. Select Your Starter Vehicle

When you start GT7, you’ll probably notice that your car selection is a little light. You will initially be given  a choice of three cars: a Honda Fit Hybrid, a Toyota Aqua S, and a Mazda Demio XD Touring.


These are all a far cry from the supercars you will be driving in a few hours, but for the sake of learning the ropes, these are fine selections. I would recommend that you go with the Toyota Aqua S, as it offers the highest Performance Points (PP) of the cars on offer.


Gran Turismo 7 Beginner's Guide: Top 5 Tips for Amateur Racers


It’ll help you learn the ropes, and after a few races, you’ll have access to other cars as well, so it’s not like you’ll be in the driver’s seat of the Aqua for very long.



  1. Visit the Gran Turismo Cafe

If you’re playing Gran Turismo 7, it’s probably safe to say that you have some kind of interest in cars, even if you aren’t a car fanatic. But, with over 425 cars available, this game may very well turn you into a crazed car fan.


To start unlocking the game’s many cars, the best thing to do would be to check out the Gran Turismo Cafe. In this cafe, you will be given sets of races in the form of menu books. If you do well in these races, you will often be gifted a new car completely free!


You don’t even need to worry about finishing in first place for these races. As long as you finish in the top three, you’ll be eligible for the prize.


At first, you’ll unlock slower, low-tiered cars, but as you progress you’ll quickly start unlocking the good stuff.



  1. Buy Some Cars

When you start building up your cash reserves, you’ll be able to purchase cars as well. The majority of the vehicles can be bought from Brand Central, as long as it was manufactured after 2001.


If you’re looking for discount vehicles, you can go to the Used Car Dealership. Here you will be able to buy select cars from a list that changes daily. Any cars purchased here will also need a tune-up to be at peak performance, but that is easily done at GT Auto.


Once you’ve made a name for yourself in the racing scene, you will begin to receive invitations to purchase luxury race cars. These will typically be very expensive, so its a good idea to start saving early in case you get invited to purchase something you want to add to your collection. Also, invitations expire after a set time, so be quick with your decisions!



  1. Be A Safe Driver

When your taste in cars gets more expensive, and it surely will, you’ll want to maximize your earnings for every race you do.


Gran Turismo 7 Beginner's Guide: Top 5 Tips for Amateur Racers


A fairly easy way to make sure you pocket the most cash you can at the end of a race is to drive safely! Completing a race without bumping into opponents or running off the track will net you a “Clean Race Bonus”, for which you’ll get an extra 50% on top of your base earnings.


This will add up quickly, especially in the late game, so I’d recommend doing your best to mind your manners during races as much as you can.



  1. Unlock Multiplayer

Gran Turismo 7 does you the kindness of not letting you jump into online right away, against players all over the world who have been enjoying the series for two and a half decades. This would surely result in new racers getting shut out of competitions, so in order to gain access to the multiplayer modes, you must unlock them.


You will eventually get there if you’re completing the GT Cafe menu books, but if you’re looking for a goal, that goal is menu book number 9, the Tokyo Highway Parade series.


After you complete that menu book in the top three, the Multiplayer Pavilion will be available to you, allowing you to compete in both split-screen and online multiplayer.


This is where the real fun begins. And, if you’ve been honing your skills up to this point, you’ll be ready to race with the best of them.




I hope the tips in this guide help you through the early hours of Gran Turismo 7, whether you’re new to GT or a die-hard fan. GT7 is a whole new beast, so there’s no issue in seeking some guidance. Good luck, and remember to be careful on the road!


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