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Gears Tactics – Boss Battle – Brumak – Tips & Tricks

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Boss Battle – Brumak – Tips & Tricks

This part of the Gears Tactics Guide is dedicated to the Boss Battle against the Brumak in Chapter 6 of Act 1.


The Brumak is a gigantic creature equipped with two heavy machine guns and a missile launcher on its back. At each turn, it will be able to move, fire its two weapons, and then shoot 4 missiles towards your men. The first thing to do here will be to get your men out of the impact points of the 4 missiles shot by the Brumak and then shoot the creature in the back with your most powerful weapon. The Brumak will then turn around to face its attacker, allowing you to target its weakest point with your second team. After that, if you can’t shoot at the Brumak’s weak point, you can take on its machine guns. If you can destroy them both, you’ll greatly limit its attack capabilities. Indeed, without these weapons, the beast will only be able to attack you with its legs and missiles, which will allow you to better control its movements.


Unfortunately, things will quickly get tougher as after the Boss loses one-third of its HP, Emergence Holes will begin to appear regularly in the area, forcing you to continually reposition your men to close them while trying to avoid the Brumak’s missiles. Be sure to focus on the enemy troops rather than the Boss at first, as a group of 2 or 3 Wretches can actually inflict far more damage in a single turn than the Brumak.


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