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Foxhole – Resource Guide

Foxhole - Resource Guide

There are four main resources you will gather during a war. Scrap, Components, sulfur and Fuel.





Scrapping can be done by visiting a scrap node indicated on the map as a IMG_6674 icon. With the hammer you spawned with equipped, you target a pile of scrap and swing your hammer at it while holding left mouse button. Each hit will produce scrap which goes straight into your inventory. Each pile of scrap can only take a few hits until it is depleted and soon respawns.



Tech Parts


A byproduct of the scrapping process is Tech Parts, which can be used to upgrade various production buildings around the region, such as workshops, factories, and vehicle factories. Upgrading these buildings will allow your faction to make new tools for your arsenal. It is important to prioritize your upgraded buildings based on your faction’s goals. Teamwork and communication can be key, as always.





Components, another vital resource, can only be gathered by using a sledgehammer at the components field, indicated by a IMG_6676 icon on the map. The components resource come from the husks of old tanks scattered at the components field.





Sulfur is a more uncommon depletable resource, it will run out and not regenerate for a long period of time after being mined. Sulfur is available in contested areas away from towns. Players will initially gather Sulfur in relatively secure areas, but once those nearby nodes are depleted they will have to venture out to the front line or beyond for more. Sulfur is refined into Explosive Material at the Manufacturing Plant. The respawn time on a sulfur node is two hours.


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