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FIFA 22: How to Volley Instead of a Header?


How to Volley Instead of a Header in FIFA 22

If the ball is flying in your player’s direction, but the flight trajectory prevents you from taking a header, your player may attempt a volley. You can’t control it; if the ball is flying high, the only thing you can do is header it, and if it’s at waist height, you can smash it.


  • You can give your player a volley by pressing and holding the LT (Xbox) / L2 (PlayStation) button and simultaneously pressing the shot button. This will include techniques such as bicycle kicks and half volleys so they can result in spectacular goals!


  • You can also try holding the opposite direction on the stick before shooting and aiming to keep your player a little further away from the ball. If it’s a cross into the box, for example, hold the opposite direction on the stick to keep the player a bit further away from the ball before shooting and aiming.


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