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FIFA 20 – Trading & Market Tips & Tricks

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Trading Tips & Tricks

-Don’t buy packs with your coins. This includes everything, from 200 coins (Bronze Pack Method will be awful early on with very few uses, and so few buyers, of the Bronze cards), all the way up to a 5k and 7.5k Pack.



-Sure, some very low rated players are selling for 15k a each, but you’re at a huge disadvantage with the odds being that you lose a large % of your coins spent on those packs.



-Be aware of your trade pile size. With minimal slots available, you don’t want to fill them with items that aren’t selling, otherwise you will have to wait a full hour for them to expire before you can continue trading.



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-This also means that you don’t want to list items up for longer than 1 hour. There is no need and all you’re doing is risking having your trade pile locked up with cards that won’t sell.



-Don’t follow the crowd. If someone gives you advice on buying a certain player, or using a certain filter because they made tons of coins, there is a good chance that everyone will be doing the same and so winning items becomes next to impossible.



-Earning 10 coins is better than earning 0 coins. Players will often reduce their profit margins down to next to nothing because everyone would rather earn something than nothing. Prepare for the market to be absolutely cut-throat and for trading to be difficult.



-Sniping is king. Sniping will provide you with a lot of profit early on in FIFA, look to earn no more than 100 coins on your cards and you will soon be reaching more and more digits in your balance.


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