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eFootball PES 2020 – Weekly PES League

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Weekly PES League

Every week, from Thursday to Thursday, Konami holds the Weekly PES League – where you try to compete for the biggest amount of points. If you finish in one of the top spots, you will move to a more competitive division the following week.


When Matchmaking occurs, you will see your opponent’s Acclaim and weekly PES points. If you win, you will get 50% of his points. If you lose, you will give 40% of your points to your opponent as well.


If you find an opponent with lots of points, you should focus and give your all – a win will significantly boost your table position!


Be aware that you will compete against random opponents from any division – not the ones that stand in the same table as you.


Your standing will be determined by the maximum amount of points you gathered at any given time during the week – so if you had 500 points and suddenly started a losing streak, don’t worry too much.


You can stay #1 even if you finish the week with 0 points, provided that at some given time you had more points than your opposition.


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