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eFootball PES 2020 – How to Get More GP (myClub)

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How to Get More GP (myClub)

Daily Login

You will get a reward every day by simply logging in. This can be 1.500 GP, 30/40 coins, or 12 Stamina Recovery items.


This is a nice incentive, along with the 1st victory of the day – which gives you a 3.000 GP bonus. You can usually make at least 4k GP just by playing a single game every day (online or VS COM).





This is a method some people hate, but it’s guaranteed to bring you great results. It works very well if you can keep an eye on Pro Evolution Soccer every 15 minutes or so while you multitask – you’re basically earning GP in the background.


First, you create a team with a cheap manager, 11 white balls, and a stacked bench – the idea here is to have a 5-star team due to the players that are benched. Then, you turn Auto-Subs “OFF” so that they are never used (so that you don’t need to pay for their contracts).


This will result in losing pretty much every game (since your white balls will be facing blackball teams), but every 15 minutes you will be making 1320 GP.


You will receive a scout after every game, so after 10 games you simply don’t renew your players’ contracts – instead, you convert them into trainers (to feed them to your favorite players) and sign 10 new players to do this all over again.


This is obviously not a very exciting method, but it does have 2 big upsides:


-you’re earning GP with little effort;


-you get more players to convert into EXP trainers.


You should use your cheapest manager to stay as profitable as possible. If you’re lucky, your team will earn just enough points for a free contract extension.


If you create a Cloud Match team, other players will also face your team in their SIM games. This means you will receive some additional GP every once a week as the outcome of those matches.


I advise you to pick your strongest team, as you won’t need to renew their contracts and you increase your chances of winning those SIM games.




Play the game!

Ironically enough, you can also earn GP by simply… playing the game! Who would have thought?



Earning GP by playing Offline Game Modes

You can start by playing some offline modes – completing Training is always worthwhile, and Master League is known to give a lot of GP.


Master League is one of the most popular game modes in PES, and it is definitely worthwhile playing it in my opinion. However, if you’re desperate for GP, you can simply pick a strong team like Barcelona and skip every game for a couple of seasons and you will earn a ridiculous amount of GP ( about 70k) – the process should take around 2 hours.


Become a Legend is also an option, although not as profitable.




Earning GP by playing myClub itself

As mentioned above, one easy thing you should do is play at least once a day. The First Victory of the Day is always worthwhile (3.000 GP) – you can simply win an easy VS COM game.


Some VS COM games also have some multipliers – if you use TOTW players, for instance – or give you 500 GP as a bonus for winning the game.


Assuming you’re a decent player, you don’t even need to use your best players, to ensure that contract renewal costs stay low. Sometimes I even use White Balls I will then convert into trainers.


Online, Co-Op is a method that is very rewarding – even better if you have 6 players playing the game and you end up on the winning side. Only a portion of your players are picked for each game, so only some contracts will be used.


Online Ranked matches are not amazingly profitable, but every now and then you will encounter a “Special Match” – with more GP at stake if you win, and sometimes other rewards, such as an EXP trainer.


PES Weekly League is another nice way to earn some GP – you can earn as little as 7.000 GP and as much as 25.000 GP a week in a low division, depending on your position at the end of the week.


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