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Dishonored®: Death of the Outsider™ – The Perfect Crime Achievement Guide


The Perfect Crime Achievement Guide

This can only be done using Billie’s displace and foresight powers. You will also need one hagpearl. For this guide I’ll assume you know how to get the poppy tincture and pour it into the air ducts on top of the bank.

-Once inside the bank using the rooftop entrance head down the stairs right in front of you and open the metal doors using the button on the right.

-Jump onto the railing in front of you and then down onto the chandelier. You’ll see an open window slightly to the right, make your way through there.

-Head left and jump down to use the door control terminal to open all the metal doors in the bank.

-Climb back up and out of the window you jumped into from the chandelier and go through the metal doors you just opened up. (It was a set of double doors if that helps)

-There are two arc pylons in the next room so be careful when you enter. As you can not disable security systems for this achievement do not turn the pylons off or rewire them.
(I just use the rooms on the left and the lamps hanging from the ceiling to stay out of their view)

-Once you are past the pylon room, use displace to get up a level so you are above the patrolling clockwork soldier on the balcony. Walk to the right and stand near the locked door.

-Use Billie’s foresight power and astral project(?) your way through the wall of light and up the stairs. Set a displace marker on the other side of those windows so you can displace into this area.

-(If you go through these all of the steps for this achievement quick enough the second clockwork soldier will still be making its way down these steps to the archive rooms below so be careful when you teleport over)

-Unlock the door you were standing next to and make your way around the balcony toward the metal door you were not allowed to open from the lobby terminal. Climb up on the railing next to the window and save your game here.

-Shoot your hagpearl at the button that sends the vault up to the director’s office. If you miss just load your save until you hit the button.

-Once you’ve hit the button go upstairs to the directors office and open up the vault.

The achievement will not show up until you’ve made it out of the bank.

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