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Dead Matter Cheats & Console Commands

Dead Matter Cheats & Console Commands

Server Admin Commands

Dead Matter is a sandbox survival game developed by Quantum Integrity Software Inc. Like any other multiplayer game; the game has a variety of console commands. Server administrators can use the chat console to run console commands (Press Y to open the chat).


The following is a list of the console commands available in Dead Matter. Make sure there is a / at the beginning to run the commands.




Command – Effect

  • /god – Enables God Mode


  • /weather night – Change Time


  • /GiveAmmo – Gives Ammo


  • /suicide – Kills your player


  • /SetGravity [Scale] – Set the gravity


  • /noclip – No clip mode


  • /SpawnItem [ItemID] <Quantity> – Based on the item ID, spawns an item for your player. To find the items you’re looking for, use the /listitems command.


  • /SpawnZombie – Spawns a zombie


  • /SpawnVehicle – Spawns a vehicle


  • /SpawnAnimal – Spawns an animal


  • /unstuck – If you get stuck somewhere in the game, use this command


  • /RemoveZombies – Removes Zombies


  • /teleport “name or steamid” – Teleports you to the desired player


  • /SetWeather [Preset] or [Temperature][WindSpeed][WindDirection] – Set weather to Rain/Sun/Cloudy


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