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Core Keeper Cheats

Core Keeper Cheats

Unlimited Scrap Parts & Free Repairs

Core Keeper contains all the ingredients of a great ARPG, including a procedurally-generated underground realm with base building, RPG combat, crafting, and farming mechanics. Although it’s still a bit rough around the edges, Core Keeper can potentially become the next big hit in the ARPG genre (provided the devs deliver more content in the future).



How to get unlimited scraps?

Follow these simple steps;


  • Farm at least 1000 wood (more if possible).


  • Craft a bunch of Wood Pickaxes.


  • Put all your Wood Pickaxes in the salvaging table (max six at a time) and scrap them.


  • You will receive 1 scrap for every scrapped pickaxe.


This glitch was discovered in version 0.3.0 and will eventually get fixed in a future patch. To take advantage of the unlimited scrap glitch, avoid new patches by disconnecting from the internet. If you have accidentally installed a patch, simply delete it to continue with the exploit.


The item durability in Core Keeper is pathetic, as all of them (including higher-tier ones) break quite easily. So gather as many scraps as you can because you’ll need a lot of them to repair higher-tier items. If you come across any similar glitches, do not be shy to share them in the comments section.


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