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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 – PS4 Cheats

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PS4 Cheats

Extra Pick 10 Point – How to Get a Free Attachment

There is a way to cheekily add one more attachment slot onto your loadout in Black Ops 4. Now, before you scream, “what about the Primary Gunfighter Wildcard?” we do know that that gives you a bonus slot. To access an extra Black Ops 4 Pick 10 point, all you need to do is head on down to two slots below the Reticle. However, this would appear to be a bug in the game, as you can only access this option with the D-Pad. Meanwhile, if you’re playing on PC, you can access the bonus attachment slot by scrolling down on the mouse wheel.


The bonus attachment slot is on secondary weapons, too, so you can go mad with attachments (as long as it doesn’t go over 11, but what good things do?). This is likely a bug in the game, so don’t be surprised if it’s gone before long.



Helicopter Spawn Locations

Here’s how to find a helicopter in Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Blackout without using any cheats. You can find helicopters at these locations.


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Secret Song in Verruckt Asylum

To find this easter egg, drop into the Asylum in the eastern part of the map, head up to the second story and flush the leftmost toilet in the bathroom three times to trigger a secret song!



Seraph’s Annihilator Pistol

Seraph’s annihilator pistol Easter Egg locked in a box on Blackout BR at Firing Range. The box even says “54i” on it. To see it, you have to use the Looter perk. How to open it? I don’t think you can.



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Tips & Tricks

-Close doors behind you! It will save your life when it’s down to a small number of people in a smaller area. Open doors tend to say, “There’s someone in here!”


-When traveling from cover to cover in the more open areas. Go for trees and lurk in the shady areas. It is harder to see people in the shade as opposed to the sunny areas.


-Vehicle block. Well, the br games have that mechanic that the player area gets smaller, and you start getting damaged. Well, what I want you to do is that if the storm is coming, but you have plenty of time to escape, find a vehicle and take to a choke point that your enemies might use to escape from it. But don’t forget that you should fire at the vehicle’s engine so you destroy it and enemies won’t remove it.


-Baits and traps. This is related to getting extra kills without your gun. If you have any mines or something like that, you can place them on a vehicle, on a supply drop, on an enemy drop, or in Zombie maps. The last one might help you a lot because too many players want to get that ray gun.


-Vehicle flank. This is risky, but it will make you a better player first if you find a fast-moving vehicle and drive right in the middle of a big place where there are a lot of sightlines. Then make sure nobody is close to you, and the only ones that can engage are far away won’t be able to kill you because of bullet drop. Then try to get out from that area with the vehicle, finding cover. Enemies will try to get close and think that you are driving like Rambo, but you need to immediately get out and go to the opposite side of the vehicle. Now you learned to flank.


-Situational awareness. When the number of survivors goes to 40, you should prepare for a violent war. Based on where the storm is approaching, find the last place where it will strike and make some preparements. You should place as many vehicles as you can in that area. The most important thing is that you must remember where you placed them. My plan is that when survivors go in that area, they will take those vehicles, and if you remember where you left the vehicles, you know exactly where the enemy is.


-If you are an AR player, ICR and Rampart are good options, use AP Rounds on every of its available, ghost does not hide you from Recon’s Sensor Dart, As well ghost does not work if you aren’t moving around, so if you’re camping with ghost and enemies have a UAV you will pop up, You can also mantle over Razorwire.


-Always have a sniper during the endgame… It’s really useful, and you can usually get a shot on someone who’s healing up.


-Jumping through windows is much more efficient than the doors, but it is louder.


-If you have a Trauma Kit and know you won’t be caught outside the zone, Use It! There is no benefit in dying from 150 health when that extra 50 would have turned the fight around, and it’s now going to heal whoever killed you to 200. However, if you know you’ll be in the ‘storm,’ you should use it when you get inside the zone to return to max health immediately.


-When you’re looting, always pay attention to the circle. It’s easy to take your time looting and end up being super far from the zone.


-Bear in mind that the best feature of blackout is being able to heal while moving.


-The worst part about fighting in this is that you are likely to lose your armor. Unless you can immediately find a full armor after getting out of a fight, you are screwed, especially if you encounter another enemy shortly after getting out of a fight. If you don’t have any armor and you are trying to fight someone with armor, it doesn’t matter what weapon you have. You will die.


-You don’t have to hold the jump button for your wingsuit. If you jump off a building that is high enough, it will automatically deploy.


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