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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Cheats


Sedcret Dead Ops Arcade 2 game

After completing Mission 2: New World in the campaign, you can enter the safehouse at any time. In the safehouse is a data terminal (looks like a big computer screen). Access the terminal and press the secret button in the top left corner (the blue and white logo to the left of the “Data Vault” that looks like an “S”) to start Dead Ops Arcade 2. After the intro sequence finishes, you will get the “Silverback In Black” achievement.



Nightmares mode

Successfully complete all missions in Campaign mode to unlock Nightmares mode, which is a bonus single player and co-op campaign with an alternate story and zombies.



All collectibles locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 56 collectibles and get the “Curator” achievement. You will also get the “Walking Encyclopedia” achievement for finding all collectibles in one mission. There are a total of 11 missions. Each collectible looks different and they come in many forms and shapes (e.g. intel, helmets, weapons, flowers, necklaces, robot parts, etc.). They usually get marked by a white icon when you are getting really close. There is a collectible tracker in mission selection that displays how many collectibles you have found in each mission. Additionally, you can pause the game anytime and see a little collectible tracker in the bottom right corner. The pause menu shows them in the order in which they can be collected, making it very easy to find what is missing. You can also replay missions at any time to find the missing items.



Mission 1: Black Ops

1. Infiltrate the Security Station: Immediately after the mission begins, you must crouch under some broken plane wheels. In the next room, on a computer desk, is the first collectible.


2. Infiltrate the Security Station: In the room where you have to hack the camera control, turn around from the camera control panel to see it in a corner.


3. Go to the Interrogation Room: You will come to a bunker where you have to breach the door to the interrogation room. After breaching the door, check the corner to your left.


4. Go to the Extraction Point: In the hangar where you have to shoot a VTOL’s rockets to destroy two armored vehicles, after destroying the vehicles, search inside the office on the left side of the hangar.


5. Go to the Secondary Extraction Point: When you get ambushed by a large group of robots, you have to flee into a hangar. You are then told to get into an APC with your teammates. Before entering the vehicle, look at the back of the hangar for the last collectible of this mission. When you enter the vehicle, you cannot go back and will miss it — so make sure you pick it up beforehand.



Mission 2: New World

6. Locate the Generator: When you control the drone/robot, you will have to enter a large room with lots of enemies. When you enter the room, on the right side, is a collectible. You can only pick it up after you have killed the enemies with your drone and destroyed the generator.


7. Locate the Explosives: After chasing down a high value target, you will see some cutscenes and be in a frozen train station where robots attack you. Go up the escalator on the left to find a collectible next to a trash can.


8. Locate the Explosives: After going through a dark corridor with enemies, you will enter a large room that looks like a workshop. There is a broken part of a train with a ladder in the middle. Go downstairs and search the shelves to find it.


9. Locate the Explosives: After a cutscene, you will be in a driving train. In the first train compartment you enter is a collectible (not the one you start in, the next one after that).


10. Locate the Explosives: While still in the train, very shortly after the previous collectible, you will come to a train compartment that has some stairs leading to the upper deck. Go upstairs to find a collectible on a chair.



Mission 3: In Darkness

11. Go to the Docks: In the area where you encounter the first group of enemies, in one of the stores on the right side behind the counter, is a collectible.


12. Go to the Docks: In the flooded area where you get hit by waves and can use the anchor, you will come to a bulding with lots of enemies. Go around the right side of the building to find a collectible by the wall.


13. Go to the 54i Communications Hub: When you have to dive in the water with the glowing algae, follow your teammate. As you dive down into a wreck, a collectible will show up to your left. Swim through the broken windows to collect it.


14. Go to the 54i Communications Hub: Soon after the underwater section from the last collectible, you will enter a building with lots of enemies. Stay on the lower floor (looks like a bar/restaurant). Go to the end of the room and through the door. There is a side room where you can pick up a helmet collectible.


15. Go to the 54i Secondary Comms Relay: After a cutscene, you will go outside to a flooded area. Follow your teammate until you reach a building with enemies. Before entering, look for some stairs leading up to the upper floor of that building. Go up and turn around. From here you can jump to the upper floor of the building where you just came from. a collectible is on the upper floor of that building, in the second room.


16. Go to the Black Station Operations Center: You will come to a point where you have to use a zipline. Kill the enemies in the next area and go to the waypoint in a building. A collectible is in the first room of the upper floor.



Mission 4: Provocation

17. Get to Cloud Mountain: Immediately after the mission begins, jump down and go into the garage on the right side to find a collectible (golden brass knuckles).


18. Get to Cloud Mountain: In the same area as the previous collectible, search on the right side of the market square (outside). It will get marked when you are nearby.


19. Get to Cloud Mountain: Move to the next waypoint and you will come to a village with a turret and watch tower. On the upper floor of the building on the left side is a collectible (slave collar).


20. Get to Bald Mountain: When you get to the area with all the containers, take the path on the right side. Go around the corner to see a red container you can walk through. Climb this red container. There is a blue container on top with a collectible (golden vase).


21. Locate 54i Servers: When you go up the tower to find the 54i Server, you will be going through one museum room. There are many rock formations in this room and also an ammo crate. In one of the display cases is a collectible (mineral).


22. Go to the Far Super Tree: When you have to navigate between the big platforms that look like trees, you can find a collectible (necklace) on the lower deck of the second tree on the left side. Use ziplines to get there (before going to the burning tree with the objective marker).



Mission 5: Hypocenter

23. Go to the Facility Entrance: At the very start of the mission, go down the hill and to the yellow tent on the right to find a collectible inside.

24. Hack the Datapad: After fighting the big robot, you must hack a door to enter the facility. Once you are in the facility, you can find a collectible (contamination kit) at the end of the left hallway.

25. Descend in to the Core: As you approach the bottom of the tower, you will be ambushed by some robots. They will break through windows and attack you. In the same area is a little office building. Inside, on a table, is a collectible (marketing material).

26. Go to the Signal Source: After jumping through the pitch-black area, you enter a room with a mobile armory and an ammo crate. There is a blue eagle sign on the wall and your teammates talk about this sign. After the conversation, a door will open. Search the office on the left to find a collectible.

27. Go to the Server Room: After seeing a cutscene, you will be in a laboratory with skeletons of test subjects in front of you. Search in the right corner of the room to find a collectible.

28. Go to the Server Room: After leaving the flooded room where you are attacked by robots, you will find an ammo crate in the hallway. Next to this ammo crate is a room with a beeping TV screen. Under the TV screen is a collectible (Prototype DNI Implant).



Mission 6: Vengeance

29. Go to the Safehouse: Turn around when the mission begins and look behind the house to find a collectible.


30. Go to the Safehouse: This one is in Chinatown. Stay on the far right side and make your way through Chinatown. At the end, on the right side, is a collectible (luminescent flower) in the garden. It is very small and glows blue and green. It is easy to miss.


31. Go to the Safehouse: You will reach a large courtyard where enemy sniper are shooting at you from a parking garage. After killing the enemies, a big robot will attack you. Defeat it and go through the hole in the wall to the waypoint, then look in the corner to your left to find a collectible.


32. Go to the Safehouse Panic Room: While in the burning building, go upstairs and through the hole in the wall where robots attack you. On the right side of the room, by a table and a chair, is a collectible (necklace). Make sure you collect it before entering the panic room, as doing so will end the mission.



Mission 7: Rise & Fall

33. Enter the Holding Room: Follow your teammates through the camp until you enter a dark room where you are supposed to open the door to the interrogation room. In front of the interrogation room, on a computer desk, is a collectible (helmet).


34. Clear Debris from Station Exit: When your camp gets ambushed, you can go up the escalators. In this area, behind some servers, is a collectible (piece of broken glass) on a table.


35. Plant a Spike at the Weak Point: After the car drive/cutscene when you spawn with the spike launcher, look for a collectible (poster on a wall) on the left side of the area.


36. Go to Safiya Square: After a cutscene, you must go to the top of a building. Then, you will come to a destroyed village. Search the homes on the right side to find a collectible (sword on a cupboard).


37. Open the VTOL Hatch: Before interacting with the VTOL, check on the right. There is a collectible (piece of a broken statue) on a table. Make sure you do this before pulling the VTOL door (objective marker).


38. Destroy the A.S.P.-ML: At the very end of this mission, after opening the VTOL hatch, you will be in a big courtyard and have to fight a huge machine. From the starting point, go left into the only building of this area. The collectible is upstairs.



Mission 8: Demon Within

39. Pursue Sarah Hall: After the Boss fight at the start of the chapter, you come to a snowy area. From where you start, look for a small bunker in front of you on the right side. Inside is a collectible (shell casing).


40. Pursue Sarah Hall: In the same area as the last collectible, kill the first waves of enemies and stick to the far left side of the area while you chase Sarah Hall. Behind some sandbags is the collectible. This is before the ground starts to crumble, and before it turns nighttime.


41. Pursue Sarah Hall: When it gets dark and the ground starts to crumble below your feet, you will come to a part where you encounter the “Dire Wolves” for the first time. In the same spot where you see the first Dire Wolves is an Ammo Resupply Crate. Next to the crate is a collectible.


42. Pursue Sarah Hall: When you get to the part with the german soldiers attacking you, look for a big wooden house. A soldier will shoot you from the window of the upper floor. Go up there to find a collectible.


43. Pursue Sarah Hall: In the same area as the last collectible, move towards the next waypoint until you have to go into a building through a broken wall. Before going inside, turn to your left to see a little building. Go inside to find a collectible.


44. Pursue Sarah Hall: In the area where you encounter the German Tiger Tank, search the destroyed building on the right side by the street. In a dark room is a collectible on a cupboard.



Mission 9: Sand Castle

45. Land on the Mobile Refinery: Both collectibles of this mission are on the refinery platform (beginning of the mission). You can land in two different locations with your VTOL. In each one you must destroy a communications system. The first collectible is on the platform that has the communications panel on a rooftop. You must defend your teammate from this rooftop. In the same building that you are defending is a collectible (postcard) on the first floor, on a desk. It is hard to see. If you land on the other platform first, you must get the collectibles in reversed order.


46. Go to the Communications Array: This is on the refinery platform with the second communications panel. When you exit your VTOL, go to the left side to find find a collectible (drillbit part) on the ground.



Mission 10: Lotus Towers

47. Go to the Security Station: A couple of minutes after the mission begins, you will have to use an elevator to get to a shopping mall with many civilians and enemies. In the first shop on the left side is a collectible. It is hanging on the wall.


48. Breach the Air Vent: The collectible is in the room after breaching the air vent, in a locker on the left.


49. Go to Taylor’s Holding Cell: In the area where you get attacked by the ASP (big robot with turrets and rocket launcher), look in the office upstairs to find a collectible (statue) on a table.


50. Go to Tower Two: After pushing a container with your teammate to get outside, you will have to jump across some rubble to get to the other side. There are many robots spawning in this area. You will come to a section with some oriental market stalls. Follow your teammate until you have to climb up a structure at the end of the area with the market stalls. Then, turn around and look on the rooftop behind you to find a collectible (piece of carpet). Do this before wall-running with your teammate, as it will trigger a cutscene and bring you to a new area.


51. Hack the Console, Go to the Mobile Shop: You will come to a burning area where many robots attack you. As you go up the hill, you will see the wreck of one of the large elevators you saw earlier in the mission. In this wreck is a collectible (golden lantern).


52. Bring down the VTOL Leviathan: During the Boss fight against the VTOL, on the rooftop, to the right of where you start, is a collectible in a destroyed building.



Mission 11: Life

53. Go to the Coalescence Building Plaza: Turn around immediately when the mission begins and check the wall behind you to find a collectible (poster).


54. Hack the Terminal: In the room where you have to hack the terminal, to the left of the terminal is a collectible.


55. No Objective Available: Shortly after hacking the terminal, you will find Hendricks and get trapped in a dream. You start out under some trees in a snowy area, then slide down a hill into bloody water and come to three gates that are covered by vines. You must first go through the gate on the right side. After completing this gate, you must go through the one in the middle. The middle gate brings you to a desert area where this collectible is found. Follow your teammate until you get attacked by enemies. You will reach some sort of destroyed desert village. On the rooftop of the building on the far left is the collectible. It is probably the best hidden and hardest to reach of all collectibles. Look for a crack in the wall of the building and climb the balconies to reach the rooftop.


56. No Objective Available: At the very end of the chapter, the screen will turn grey and say “PURGING” in the middle. You will be walking very slowly and everything will get blurry. When this happens, search the first room. Your “Puring Percentage” will be 40% at this area. If it goes to 60%, you have gone too far. Look for the final collectible (feather) on the desk by the large “COALESCENCE” sign.


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