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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Xbox One Cheats

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Xbox One Cheats

Cheat Codes & Passwords

Enter the password as your file name when starting a New Game.



NIGHTMARE : Unlock Hard/Nightmare modes from the begining.

BIGHEAD : Activates Big Head Mode

Akuma : Dominus – Weapon

8MEGAPOWER : Game Sack Strip – Weapon

DUNGEONITE : Dungeonite Sword – Weapon

JEPSON : Clockwork Blade – Weapon

ALPHAOMEGASIN : Darkness Descends – Weapon

STEPHENPLAYS : Sicilian Slicer – Weapon

SPONGYVINE : Vine Sword – Weapon

TheSpeedGamers : Final Hour – Weapon

EGGFARM : Guardian Egg Helm – Head

INTHEBATHROOM : Dumpling Helmet – Head

chuggaaconroy : Space Helmet – Head

Jarvis Meower : Mega64 Helmet – Head

AWESOMEVIDEOGAMES : Big Moustache – Accessory

BULLFIGHTER : The Baz Mask – Accessory

TEAMFAT : A Kinda Funny Mask – Accessory

swimmingbird : Plague Doctor Face – Accessory

Egoraptor : Hey I’m A Grump – Accessory

Grumps : I’m Not So Grump – Accessory



100% Map 

Full map with basic notation.


Note: Click to enlarge image.


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Secret & Hidden Achievements & Trophies


Unlock every other achievement. (Secret)



Army of the Night

Thank you, everyone, for your endless kindness and support. (Secret)




Eradicate the king of demons. (Secret)



Déjà vu

Bounce a certain chair repeatedly. (Secret)




Listen to the faerie’s song. (Secret)



Storm Abolisher

Eradicate the cause of the maelstrom. (Secret)



Samurai Showdown

Drive back the samurai. (Secret)



Show of Hands

Eradicate the wrathful work of art. (Secret)



Wing Clipper

Eradicate the iron marquess. (Secret)



Snake Charmer

Eradicate the twin-headed dragon. (Secret)



Speed Demon1

Eradicate the hypersonic hellraiser. (Secret)




Dragonslayer (Secret)



Just a Flicker

Fulfill your promise to a friend. (Secret)




Eradicate the bloodthirsty maiden. (Secret)



Hermetically Sealed

Subdue the alchemist. (Secret)




Triumph over yourself. (Secret)



Rodeo Star

Eradicate the skeletal demihorse. (Secret)



His Blade

Inherit the blade that demons fear. (Secret)



All Bets Are Off

Eradicate the duke of high rollers. (Secret)




Eradicate the mistress of the deathly moon. (Secret)




Observe the rise of the castle’s new master. (Secret)


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