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Bannerlord Online: Clan System Guide

Bannerlord Online: Clan System Guide

Bannerlord Online is still being updated. Serious changes were made to the game with the Great Houses of Calradia update. While the excitement over last week’s update continues, we’ve put together a guide for you on Bannerlord Online’s new clan system. Let’s start to take a look at the newly arrived clan system.


The main feature that awaits you is the addition of a full-fledged clan system with its own home, banner, and positions. All Calradia will see under what banner you are leading your troops!



How do I make a clan?

– Talk to a “Steward of (faction name) Clans” inside a capital city. There is 1 steward per faction. Once you’ve completed the mission, return to the steward to form your clan. Your clan will be part of the faction/culture that the steward is from.​


What are the capital towns I can find the Steward in?

Aserai –> Qasira


Battania –> Dunglanys


Khuzait –> Chaikand


Northern Empire –> Saneopa


Southern Empire –> Vostrum


Sturgia –> Omor


Vlandia –> Pravend


Western Empire –> Zeonica



How do I buy a clan house?

– After completing the quest, return to a town/settlement and use the settlement services menu. View the available houses and talk to the person inside.​



How much does a clan house cost?

– Settlement: 300000 Denars​


– Town: 1000000 Denars​



What is the impact of clan culture?

– You can only have a clan house inside a town or settlement belonging to the same culture/faction as your clan.​



How do I decorate the clan house?

– There should be a tool rack in the house. Approach it and press F.​



How can I obtain more decorations and banner options?

– Clan customization options can randomly drop as loot from fighting bandits. ​


– Other players may sell clan customizations at a trader. (Zeonica is a popular trade location)​


Bannerlord Online: Clan System Guide

Bannerlord Online: Clan System Guide



​How many people can join a clan?

– This depends on the clan level. Please see the information below.​


Clan Level 1 –> 5 Members​


Clan Level 2 –> 6 Members​


Clan Level 3 –> 7 Members​


Clan Level 4 –> 8 Members​


Clan Level 5 –> 10 Members​


Clan Level 6 –> 14 Members​


Clan Level 7 –> 18 Members​


Clan Level 8 –> 23 Members​


Clan Level 9 –> 25 Members​


Clan Level 10 –> 30 Members​


What is Influence used for?

– Influence can be transferred to a clan to increase clan levels. You can do so by talking to Boris in your clan house.​



What is the difference between a clan house in a town and a settlement?

– Not specified​



Is there a cooldown for leaving a clan and joining another clan?

– There is currently no cooldown. This will later be changed to 1 day.​


What happens when a clan leader leaves the clan?

– Not specified​


What happens when a clan leader becomes inactive?

– Not specified​


How do I start a war or make an alliance with another clan?

– Open the Encyclopedia (N) and search for the clan. You will have the options on the clan page. Only members with the “Managing Diplomacy” permission can do so. Clan leaders have this by default.​


Are there any benefits and risks to being in a clan?

– Being in a clan means you can target other clans for war or be targetted for war.​


– Clan houses can provide storage for items.


– Clans can gain various bonuses like increased party size, increased hero XP, and increased troop XP.


– Clan houses will allow for troop storage.


– Clans will be able to gain even more benefits from clan companions.


Bannerlord Online – FAQ: Questions You Might Have


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