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ASTRONEER – Tutorial Summary

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Tutorial Summary

If for some reason you do not want to play the tutorial these are the key mechanics covered:


  • You need oxygen to survive.


  • Oxygen is produced by shuttles, habitats and oxygenators.


  • Interact with objects using [Left Click].


  • Tethers are rods crafted in your backpack using 1 Compound, which extend the reach of your oxygen.


  • You can mine terrain and resources using your terrain tool, which is equipped by pressing [E] and you can dig using [Left Click].


  • If you have a canister in your backpack you can collect soil by digging and use [Alt + Left Click] to build, and [CTRL + Left Click] to flatten ground.


  • Picking up enough of a resource will add a unit to your backpack, which you can open with [Q].


  • You can craft some items at the bottom of your backpack menu.


  • Press [TAB] to open the research catalogue, where you can unlock new items in exchange for ‘Bytes’, which you can find by researching plants and minerals.


  • Most objects are made by using printers.


  • Machines need power to operate, which can be produced by the habitat and generators, you can connect platforms together by fitting the cables together.


  • Generators use 1 Organic as a fuel source.


  • Collect organic by digging plants.


  • Machines have interfaces accessed by pressing [F] on them.


  • Some items can be smelted in the Smelting Furnace.


  • Shuttles require thrusters to launch.


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