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Ark: Survival Ascended – Where to Find Crystals – Best Crystal Spawn Locations on The Island Map

Ark: Survival Ascended - Where to Find Crystals - Best Crystal Spawn Locations on The Island Map

Strap in fellow survivors, because we’re about to embark on a wild ride across The Island Map in search of the most sought-after shiny rocks – crystals!! These bad boys aren’t just for show; they’re key to crafting top-tier gear & gadgets. So ready your mounts & sharpen your picks… here’s the lowdown on the best crystal spawn locations on The Island Map:



Best Crystal Spawn Locations on The Island Map

Metal Mountain (80.2, 46.5): Your first stop? Metal Mountain. Right near the south coast, it’s a beginner’s paradise for quick crystal grabs. Beware of Raptors & Carnos lurking around though. Got a speedy dino? Use it to dash in, bag those crystals, & hightail it outta there.


Green Obelisk Hidden Cave (53.7, 75.5): Next up, the Green Obelisk area. Hunt for a mountain with an odd hole – sounds crazy but trust me. Hidden here is a crystal-packed cave that’s like your personal no-danger zone. No creatures, no stress, just crystals…


Arctic Coast (35.5, 11.7 to around 10.5, 14.3): The Arctic Coast is a crystal goldmine. It’s cold sure, but the crystal haul here is insane. Just keep an eye out for predators & mind the slippery ice. An Ankylosaurus could be your best buddy here for mining those big crystal chunks.


Volcano (40.8, 37.3): Now for the daredevils – the volcano -> it’s hot, it’s dangerous, & it’s packed with crystals. Watch for Gigas; those beasts are no joke. And remember, ghillie suits are your friends in this scorching zone.


Blue Obelisk Base (21, 21.5): Blue Obelisk has loads of crystals but it’s kinda like a dino hangout spot. Quick in-and-out is your strategy here. Use a flyer, grab what you need & fly away before you become dino snack.


South Zone 2 Artifact Cave (85.5, 54.1): Hidden away in South Zone 2 is this nifty artifact cave. Inside, you’ll find enough crystals to make your trip worthwhile & not much in terms of threats… For now.


Tall Hill (67.5, 62.8): Tall Hill has crystals & metal, but Rexes love to hang around… If you’re lucky you can swoop in, mine & leave before they even notice you’re there.


Northeastern Mountain Peak (31.5, 84): This mountain peak is a flyer’s dream. Tons of crystals waiting to be scooped up. Just watch for argies & other carnivores; they love to hang around here.


Central Redwood Mountain (57, 34.8): Last on the list, the Central Redwood Mountain. It’s a bit of a trek, especially through or over the Redwoods… But if you make it, the crystal rewards are solid.


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