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Ancestors Legacy – Slavs Faction Guide

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The Slavs faction is renowned for their archers, as well as sporting some decent horse archers. Their basic infantry also sport shields which make them excellent at taking enemy archer fire. However, they suffer from some serious food upkeep penalties, which will heavily affect the number of troops you can have on the field in the early game.


Their buildings are pretty basic, so not much to learn in that area. Also, their capture power is below average, so unless you use the “raise shields” ability, you will struggle to cap your first village early on.


Their tech sports a huge bonus for their archers, turning them into machine gun maniacs, cutting down any unit that tries to charge you or fight back with their own bows/slings.


The other cons the Slavs suffer from are no heavy infantry and have very poor morale. Also, you will be the last player 9/10 times to get to the next tech level as the costs of upgrading are drastically higher. Also, your units will take longer to gain valuable experience.



Early Game

Build Path and Unit Movement

Straight off the bat, you are going to want to build a barracks; when this is queued up, start moving your starting unit to the first village. When they arrive, use the “Raise Shields” ability and begin capturing. About halfway through the barracks should be done, immediately start recruiting another unit. When the unit is finished, send it to group up with your other one and move accordingly from their.


If you are playing 1v1, it would be best to leave one unit behind and send the other to capture another village. If the enemy decides to try to raid your village recall your other unit and fight them off. If the fight is going poorly, decide whether it is worth letting them die to make it impossible for the enemy to capture your village.


From here, try to rush as quickly to Tier 2 tech as possible as your strength lies in your archers. Once you have tech 2 get archery built and get that archer unit of the field. When they are ready, set up a kill squad with your three units (providing the other two units are still alive). From here on out, you want to keep your archers alive, and losing them will set you back more than i like to admit. Your archers will shred any unit they come across and will be able to let you win any engagement.


When you engage enemy units, make sure you don’t let your archers shoot from behind your men. Otherwise, your archers will shred your men just as quickly as the enemies. Move them to the side or rear (if safe to do so) and continue to fire away. Your archers also have an incredible range and will be able to capture villages from a very safe range allowing you to raid enemy villages quickly and safely.


The optimum amount of archers is 2-3 anymore, and you will be punished late game by cavalry. When you can immediately upgrade your archers at the archery as this will unlock their key ability, which makes them so deadly. The “Arrow Rain” ability will make your archers into the machine gun maniacs they are mowing down any infantry before they can get near you.


From here, you need to make sure to micromanage your archers and for your infantry; basically, just make sure they screen any enemy that gets too close.



Late Game


Whether you are playing Annihilation or Domination depends heavily on how you will set up your army.


If you are playing Domination, then you will want to try to push the enemy as far back into their bases as possible and then proceed to set up your archers near chokepoints in order to punish any attempt to push out. If your enemy doesn’t surrender, then you have basically just got to wait until the enemy loses enough points, and victory will be yours. Just be sure to protect your archers from cavalry; this is easy enough by just leaving a spear unit behind them if your enemy tries to get a cavalry unit around the side or back of your army. If somehow the enemy manages to push back hard enough make sure to retreat your archers first as they are your most valuable assets and should be protected at all costs.


For Annihilation, your tactics won’t be too different; however, you won’t sit back outside their base. The Slavs can recruit a catapult that has immense range and damage to all units and buildings.


Push forward slowly with your swordsmen at the front screening your archers and catapults, sit at range, and laugh as you watch the enemy towers rendered pointless as you destroy everything in sight.



Helpful Tips

When nighttime comes around, your archers will be unable to abuse their range. For this, simply get a melee unit to get their torches out and sit in front of the archers. This will give back your sight and allow you to harass enemies without them being able to see you (unless they do the same).


The other ability your archers have is “Eyes Sharp”. This will increase sight range and up their defense against ranged attacks. Use this only during the day, as the night-time renders the ability a tad pointless as the duration doesn’t last long enough to be worth the sight range compared to torch spotting. Use this ability to scout enemy positions and, if engaged in an archer skirmish.


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